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Anchorage, Alaska is the gateway to America’s Arctic and has some of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States. Not only are we home to some of the most diverse neighborhoods and schools in the country, but we also have more than 100 languages actively spoken on our streets and in our city. Those languages represent cultures from around the globe and from across the North – and our city is especially honored to sit on the traditional homelands of the Dena’ina Athabaskans, where people have lived and welcomed newcomers for thousands of years. 

This tradition and spirit of welcoming is a value that defines us. Without it, we would not exist. Anchorage is a welcoming city because we understand that being far away, in the remote northern corner of the U.S., we rely on each other not just for our success, but for our survival. As Alaskans, we know that when a snowstorm or cold weather threatens our safety, what matters most is our willingness to extend a hand - not what color, political persuasion, or sexual orientation may be on the other end of that hand.

In this Alaskan spirit, we hope this website can be a valuable tool for the people of Anchorage as we work to make this city a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive place.