Money Management Classes

Money Management International

Free private and confidential credit counseling, in-person by appointment, 24/7 by phone, or online (with chatting). Learn your options to get out of debt or for advice on reaching your financial goals. Services are available in Spanish and English! For more information, visit MMI online at www.moneymanagement.org.


Economic Justice Classes

Free non-judgmental financial management and development support specifically targeted to women, minorities, and people from at-risk groups. Look at the calendar for an event, or contact Tamiah Liebersbach at 907-644-9611 or tliebersbach@ywcaak.org for more details!

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Discover Financial Fitness Class

Are you looking to improve your money management skills and expand your knowledge on saving, balancing a budget and building credit? Contact Credit Union 1 for free financial fitness courses (with free coffee!).  


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